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Stanford list among the Top United States Business graduate school. The MBA program is believed to be the best since the establishment of the university in 1925, in California. The MBA program transforms the students and prepares them to take on the world with their innovative ideas and unmatched business skills.

Admission Deadline:

Application Submission and notification deadline by the University for the Class of 2015:
Application Deadlines
Round 1: 01 Oct 2014
Round 2: 07 Jan 2015
Round 3: 01 Apr 2015

Admission Criteria

With leadership qualities and high intellectual ability there is a lot a student should be made up of to study at the Stanford. The three things assessed by aspiring candidate's application include personal qualities, leadership qualities and aptitude. GMAT score or Alternatively GRE score is required to get admission; however, there is no minimum score for it. TOFEL or ILETS or PTE is required if the applicant is from a non English speaking nation. The minimum TOFEL score OF 250 for CBT, 100 for IBT and 600 for PBT is required for the MBA program. The minimum IELTS Score is 7.0


The Tuition fee for the academic year of 2015 is approx $63,000. Other living expenses and expenditure may range from $25,000-$40,000 per annum.
Financial aid issues are solved by the financial aid office of the university. In addition to that, Fellowships by GSB and loans are available to International and U.S Students.
Latest Class Profile (2016 class):
Total application: 7355
New Students: 410
Women: 42%
International Students: 42%
GMAT Score (range): 550-790
GMAT Score (average): 732
TOFEL Score (Internet based): 100-120
TOFEL Score (average): 112

Jobs and Career

The program prepares students with Mock interviews, personal advices to prepare for jobs. The workshops, pre-assessment and the alumni mentoring and networking opportunities are the best resources at Stanford. The class of MBA at Stanford got jobs immediately after they completed the program. A 16% of the class reported that they were planning their own ventures while 21% accepted opportunities outside the North America. The leading employers at Stanford include Amazon, Apple, Barclays, Dell, Warner Bros. and many other.


Stanford has produced best brains in the international business. One of the popular name is Philip H. Knight, the chairman, former CEO and Co-Founder of Nike. In 2005, his remuneration was a whopping $2,825,434.

Top MBA Programs US - 2016

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