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MBA is a degree specialization in the Business world that allows students to explore and master their field of interest as far as Business and Management in concerned. While getting into a well reputed MBA program can be quite a strenuous task, with a little bit of hard work, planning and dedicated work during your undergraduate degree, a good deal of research about the type of profile that MBA schools are after you should be able to craft yourself a profile which no business school can say no to.


  1. The most basic requirement to apply for an MBA is a Bachelor's degree. While this degree can be done in any field of your interest, if your end goal is to take up an MBA, by selecting as many business related courses that you can as your electives you will give yourself a edge over the competition. Another option is to get a Master's degree in a relevant field of Business before pursuing an MBA.
  2. If you are looking to get into the best schools, then excellent scores are a must as far as academics are concerned.
  3. The other important requirement is the aptitude test which, in most cases, ends up as the deciding factor as far as admissions are concerned. In the case of MBA Schools in India, the Common Aptitude Test also known as CAT must be taken whereas in case of an MBA abroad the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) plays a major role. High scores must be obtained in these mentioned tests to be eligible for acceptance in to the best MBA programs. Test scores are usually valid for 5 years.
  4. If you are a prospective international student then Language Proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc are an important part of the profile. Tests vary as per the country's requirements and good scores are a must for an MBA program (most universities have minimum requirements).
  5. Many Schools require work experience as a mandatory part of a prospective student's profile. Work experience introduces students to the real-world MBA scenario. Higher the work experience, more the chances of getting into an MBA program. So if you plan on taking up an MBA immediately after your undergrad, try to work part time during your studies to garner up experience.
  6. Student's profile must possess outstanding personal traits such as leadership qualities, logical reasoning skills, excellent communication skills, ability to work together as a team and ability to function effectively even under tremendous pressure. So whenever you get an opportunity to take up a leadership position in your school, take it up, and use the resume to talk of achievements.
  7. MBA Essays are also of tremendous importance and it should portray the reason behind your interest in the chosen MBA program, the forces that have shaped your decision to pursue an MBA Degree.
  8. Recommendation letters from your professors is also an important part of your profile. They should talk of the your achievements, involvement and commitment. So make sure to impress your professors, a great LOR can go a long way!
  9. Lastly many MBA admissions require interviews and group discussions as the last phase of the process. Answer the questions directly to the point and take active part in the group discussions. Your conduct at the place of the interview also speaks a lot about your character. So be friendly to everyone (especially the assistants and secretaries!). Even if other aspects of your profile are not equal to your peers, excellent performance in the interview and group discussions can change the page in your favor.

Admissions into an MBA program can be quite challenging and highly competitive so it is very essential to craft an excellent profile that would leave a mark in the minds of the admission committee. So start early and work hard.


MBA admissions process can be challenging and highly competitive both in India and abroad so the students must have a basic knowledge about the kind of profile that the various Business Schools look out for.

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