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MBA Program at Columbia Business School

About Columbia business School

Enriched by its esteemed faculty, Columbia Business School is widely acknowledged for its global and advanced curriculum, especially for its MBA courses. Be it geographic, cultural, or professional, Columbia business school is diverse by every measure and thrives for excellence.


MBA programs
To succeed in this fast-moving, competitive edge of business, the Columbia MBA course will help the students to enhance their strategic as well as the practical skills. The students are delved into deep challenges and under collaborative settings to enhance the pragmatic skills necessary in their future.

Generally, the first year of the intensive core curriculum of the MBA program builds the foundation for the broad management skills. In the nest year, the students can choose from the various selective courses available. They even have the graduate-level classes, if interested.

Every year, there is an information session conducted by the Columbia Business School. This helps to learn about the right recommendations and taking the GMAT courses. They give the full details about the materials that you need to study, how to submit the application and complete the forms successfully. Transcripts and recommendations also need to be in place for the proper admission.

After the applications are receives, they are reviewed and rendered through discussions. That is why; it is advisable to submit the admission forms as early as possible.


A bachelor's degree or any equivalent degree from any recognized institution is necessary before submitting the Columbia Business School application. Scanned and PDF versions of transcripts are required of the college and university as attended by them till date. Once the student if offered the admission, they need to send the sealed hard copies or encrypted digital copies of their transcripts. Until and unless the academic records have not been verified, the admissions are not considered in binding. Keep a note that the grade point average (GPA) should be mentioned in the transcripts.

A self-reported GMAT or GRE score is necessary to be submitted by all the applicants. These scores, needless to say, must be valid and the students must have taken the Integrated Reasoning (IR) and the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) tests in the GMAT. The highest score is considered while reviewing the application. Please don't be under the notion that the sub scores from multiple exams will be taken into consideration for deducing the single composite score.

For international applicants, it is mandatory to take the PTE (Pearson Test of English) or the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Students with English as their language of instruction might get the exemption from the TOEFL or PTE tests. Once taken, the PTE and TOEFL scores are valid for two years. The GMAT scores will be valid for five years. Also, the applicants need to complete three essays and one short answer question.

The first-time applicants need to apply with two recommendations while for the re-admission, one new recommendation is enough. The current supervisor recommendation or a senior employee recommendation is acceptable. One of alumni may be the interviewer but for most of the cases the applicants get the call in their geographic location. There is an application fee of US$250 and fee waivers are available for the full time students.

Career opportunity

The Career Management Center (CMC) is very helpful for Executive MBA students Columbia's business school alumni network is associated with 40,000 alumni and is spread across 100 countries. The students, after the successful completion of the course will get the true 360-degree perspective on the business world. Internships are also valuable for the students and full time students get the opportunity for employment after graduation. McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Deloitte Consulting, Google, Bank of America Merill Lynch, Microsoft, Apple Inc., IBM Corporation, Amazon etc. were some of the top companies to recruit in 2014.

Recent class profile

The Columbia Business School has been ranked 5th in the previous year which is consistent to that of the ranks in the last three years.
Quick Statistics:-
Program cost- $135
Selectivity chance- 18%
Job offers-97%
Average salary- $120k

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