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For those students who dream of making it big in the Business and Management sector a traditional MBA degree need not be the only route. There are various certificate MBA courses widely available that train students in a particular area of Management as per the student's choice of specialization.
Advantages Of MBA Certificate Courses
These courses are a lot cheaper than traditional MBA degrees which cost quite a lot. The second major advantage is the time required for completion, while this varies from course to course, if you do them full time they should not require more than a year's time.


This certificate course is provided by the University of London and specifically trains individuals in the area of International Business. It includes 5 core modules which have been designed by the Royal Holloway School of Management at this University which is reputed to hold an internationally recognized accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Elective courses are abundant and flexible helping the student to choose programs that specifically meet the design of his career. The program's duration varies from 6 months - 5 years and has a tuition fee estimate of 4000 pounds.


This certificate course is provided by John Hopkins Carey Business School and is aimed at sharpening the student's knowledge in the Finance sector. The course curriculum is designed to strengthen the basic finance theories as well as to develop on the individual's critical reasoning, analytical and technical skills.


This certificate course is offered by Penn State University and is widely recognized through its AACSB-accreditation. It covers an in-depth knowledge in the Business and Management sector through its highly integrated curriculum, abundant interaction with the Faculty and excellent networking opportunities. This program can be opted for even by individuals who don't possess a relevant undergraduate degree but work experience is mandatory.


This certificate course is offered by the Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies and trains students at the different levels of Project Management. The curriculum includes 3 core courses of 3 credit hours each and 9 credit hours of elective courses. The estimated tuition fee is about 10,300$.


This certificate course is offered by the Fuqua School of Management at Duke University and trains individuals to meet the challenges faced in the Management sector of Healthcare. The course curriculum demands 3 core courses and 3 elective courses. Completion of the programs requires the fulfillment of the core courses and required credits along with a minimum GPA of 3.0.


This certificate course is offered by the University of Texas at Dallas and is also known as the "mini-MBA". It covers an in-depth education in the knowledge and tools required by highly competitive MBA professionals in today's business world. The course curriculum includes 15 learning modules each covering a specific MBA subject. The program takes about 6-10 months to be completed and requires an enrollment fee of around 3,000$ which covers tuition and study materials.


A minimum of second class honors degree from a recognized University or a first class degree combined with a minimal GMAT score of 550 or a relevant professional background with a minimal GMAT score of 550 is needed academically. Language proficiency must be accounted for with a good TOEFL score (>250 for computer-based and Test of Written English of 4.5; >80 for Internet-based) or IELTS score (>6.5). The online application must be completed and submitted. Some of the courses may require additional requirements such as Statement of Purpose, Resume, Letters of Recommendation, etc. A traditional MBA need not necessarily be the path towards becoming a successful Management Professional. Various certificate programs are available globally by reputed Universities both on-campus and online. The program must be chosen with relevance to the student's choice of career specialization and other requirements.

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