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CSU MBA Programs - All That You Wanted to Know About It

Thinking to join a CSU MBA program but are worried about how to go about it? Taking part in any MBA course is a huge decision and while educational qualifications are a must, you need to take a look at the educational costs as well. California State University (CSU) offers a value-driven MBA Program that allows students to pursue their graduate programs while keeping personal and career commitments. CSU MBA programs are tailored to meet the different needs of the students, helping them in their managerial and entrepreneurial growth.

Options to choose from

There are many MBA program options available to students like the Evening MBA, the Saturday MBA, the Daytime Accelerated MBA, and the Online MBA. Students of the California State University MBA programs learn the business theory behind the subject matter and put what they've learned into practical application. The projects done during the program takes students out of the classroom, allowing them to directly apply concepts from their courses and gain valuable real-world experience in consulting and management. They acquire the skills to combine their academic rigor with real-world relevance to prepare experienced professionals for today's and tomorrow's challenges. All the CSU MBA programs are specially designed for both students and fully employed professionals.

How do you get admission?

Admission criteria differ between the schools that offer CSU MBA programs. The CSU MBA Northridge Program (CSUN) selects its students who demonstrate good success both in their program and in their future career opportunities. Admission to the CSUN MBA program is considered to be very competitive. A successful candidate of CSUN MBA has a GMAT score of 590, an undergraduate GPA score of 3.2 and a minimum of 5.5 years of professional work experience. Prospective students are required to apply online. CSU Long Beach needs a different score and experience for the application process. GMAT score should be 500 overall, GPA requirement is at least 2.75. Their Evening MBA and the Daytime Accelerated MBA do not require work experience. There is a minimum 3-year work experience requirement for the Saturday MBA offered by CSU Long Beach. One has to select and get admitted in the suitable school that comes under CSU as per their score and experience.

How do you complete the degree?

The California State University MBA program can be completed as a traditional two-year MBA program, or students attending part-time can complete the degree in up to maximum of four years. Program fee varies for the different options of CSU MBA programs. A total of 48 units are required for the completion of the CSU MBA program.

Evening MBA students are charged ~$260 per unit apart from the base fee. They can apply for financial aid if required. The total cost for the 48 unit program is $42,000 for the Daytime Accelerated MBA students. This program is unsubsidized and self-supported. The fees and the admission criteria also differ for the resident and international students. For the Saturday MBA students the fee structure depends upon the school they are admitted and the total years of work experience they have.

CSU MBA programs develop your capacity for critical thinking and problem solving. You can cultivate essential entrepreneurial skills as you learn to make important business decisions with clarity and confidence.

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