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MBA : Rankings, Fees and Admission Criteria of top schools

List of top 10 MBA schools - worldwide

Top MBA Schools

Find list of top schools worldwide and related information like tuition fees, GMAT/GRE score requirements (if any), class profile, rankings, acceptance rate etc.

Online MBA programs

Online MBA programs are quite popular for working people. Find more information on online programs.

Part-time MBA programs

Many people do P/T programs because most classes are on weekends and might fit their schedule (due to existing job etc). They are quite popular and most top schools offer p/t MBA programs. Admission criteria/fees and requirements are quite different from F/T program.

Admissions, Fees, College Finder

MBA is an expensive program and tuition fees can vary from 20k to 150k! There is no doubt that students graduating from top schools will make a good salary and will have great career. Everyone preparing for MBA has a goal to get in best school. Find more information about their requirements (GRE/GMAT scores, GPA, essay etc).

MBA Test Prep : GMAT, GRE

Which Exam to give? GRE or GMAT. As of now GMAT is more popular for MBA and number one choice from students. There are colleges which do not require GMAT or GRE. How to prepare for GMAT/GRE, Practice tests etc.

Highlights from some top schools